BMC EcologyImage Competition 2018: the winning images

Today,,BMC Ecology宣布2018年图像大赛的获奖者。Here we share our overall winning images - enjoy!!

第六BMC EcologyImage Competition received more than 145 photographs from talented ecologists around the world,showcasing the amazing biodiversity,natural beauty and biological interactions found in nature.Anyone affiliated with a research institute was able to enter and we were amazed by both the quality and variety of submissions.

Our guest judge,Zhigang Jiang of Institute of Zoology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,China selected the overall winner and runner ups while ourBMC EcologySection Editorschose the winning entry from their sections of the journal.Ouraccompanying editorialgives more information 金宝搏娱乐城about the winning images and the reasoning beyond why they were picked.This also includes a selection of 6 highly commended images;有一些非常好的照片,请看一下!!

Here are our winning images:

Overall winner

Our overall winning image of the clearwing butterfly (Hypomenitis enigma),was taken by Marianne Elias of Sorbonne University,法国。这张照片拍摄于厄瓜多尔安第斯山脉南部(海拔2000米,Zamora-Chinchipe province) two hours after the butterfly had emerged from its chrysalis.

Attribution: Marianne Elias

First runner up

Our first runner up is an image showing the dominance behavior of the griffon vulture.Pilar Oliva Vidal from University of Lleida,Spain captured this wonderful moment,titled ‘My treasure!’

Attribution: Pilar Oliva Vidal

Second runner up

Our second runner up is an image by Matteo Santon from the University of Tuebingen,德国被称为“饥饿的儒艮没有餐桌礼仪”

Attribution: Matteo Santon

Behavioral and Physiological Ecology

Our winning image in this category was taken by Arnaud Badiane from France.Arnaud has given the photo the title ‘Home in mother's arms',展示了一只年轻的芭芭拉猕猴(西伯利亚猕猴) tucked in close to its mother.

Attribution: Arnaud Badiane

Conservation Ecology and Biodiversity Research

Chosen by Section Editors Luke Jacobus and Josef Settele,our winner in this category was another entry by Pilar Oliva Vidal,titled ‘Little treasures of the steppes'.

Attribution: Pilar Oliva Vidal

Community,Population and Macroecology

我们在这一类中的获胜者被命名为“草地棕和孤独蜂”。The photo was taken by William Mills of University of Brighton,UK.

Attribution: William Mills

Landscape Ecology and Ecosystems

This category's winning image was taken on the island of Hawaii by Sabrina Koehler of Kiel University,Germany.It shows a section of active lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano.

Attribution: Sabrina Koehler

Editors pick

My choice as the Editor is entitled ‘Small Bridges' and was captured by Darko Davor Cotoras Viedma of California Academy of Sciences,United States.


祝贺我们所有的获奖者!他们的形象,along with our highly commended entries,已根据创作共享归属许可证发布(CC BY),so everyone is welcome and encouraged to share them freely,as long as you clearly attribute the image author.

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